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What her clients say

"Passionate, professional, authentic and actionable. Marke is an energetic speaker loaded with insight and inspiration. She has the ability to tell a story that invokes feeling and makes you think it is happening right in front of you. Very positive and provided actual tools on how to build and sustain a winning team. One of the attendees said 'I want to bottle her up and take her home with me!'"

-Denee Evans

CEO Council of Multiple Listing Services


"Marke was a great speaker for our undergraduate rotation program and our leadership development program.  She brought a lot of energy and enthusiasm and really practiced what she preaches.  She had great messages about perseverance and grit and work ethic.  She is definitely recommended."

-Fortune 500 Company

Talent Development Leader


"Marke’s impact on me as a player but more importantly as a person has been monumental. From trainings to many 1-on-1 phone conversations, Marke helped me take the adverse situations I was facing in basketball and life and use that adversity and uncomfortableness to grow. Marke found a way to use her own experience along with her unique personality, enthusiasm, and ability to connect with others to help me not only see what I am capable of but to actually pursue that version of myself. Statistics could show you I’m a better basketball player since having met Marke, but the intangible impact she’s had on me as a leader and person can’t be quantified. "

-CDT Sarah Bohn

Westpoint Military Academy 

Army Women's Basketball 


"“She’s so passionate about being self-driven that she draws everyone in to her stories. Her ability to engage the kids while she’s speaking leaves a lasting mark that is still echoing in our school and huddles.” 

-Kimberly Denney

Teacher & Volleyball Coach Lincolnwood Jr./Sr. High School

"“Marke was absolutely an inspiring speaker!  We loved having her here at Lincolnwood Jr./Sr. High School.  If you get a chance to have this dynamic and energetic young woman visit your school – DO IT!!” 

-Ken Schuster

Principal Lincolnwood Jr./Sr. High School

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