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CHAMPIONS' Creed Audiobook Sneak PeakMarke Z. Freeman
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Drum roll please... CHAMPIONS' Creed is now available on Audiobook and Ebook!

Let's goooO! 

Prefer listening in your car? Or reading on a screen? Don't have space for a physical copy? Or maybe you like to listen while you read?Get your copy on Audible 🎧, Kindle📱, Amazon 🎧 + 📱 + 📚 and many other platforms in the format you love, narrated by the Author herself, Marke Z. Freeman.

"This project has meant so much to me and countless others. I owe it my all. It is in the hands of readers in five continents, 20+ countries, and 40+ states in the US. I have been humbled by the impact. My focus for months has been making it readily available to all readers around the world. After hundreds of hours of meticulous preparation. The time has finally come." - Marke Z. Freeman

In CHAMPIONS Creed, Catalyst of Greatness, Marke Freeman shares the secrets to becoming a high-achiever. With authentic examples and result-proven knowledge, Marke provides and unpacks the nine essential characteristics needed to achieve great, revealing the framework upon which a CHAMPION is developed. CHAMPIONS Creed offers provocative lessons, actionable strategies, and real-life case studies, making it clear what we must do every day to reach new levels. Get your copy today! The perfect gift for the holidays! The CHAMPIONS' Creed Limited Edition Book Bundle consists of a  hard or soft cover personalized, autographed copy of CHAMPIONS' Creed, a CHAMPIONS Creed Poster, CHAMPIONS' Creed Bookmark, and a special gift from Author, Marke Freeman. The bundle is AVAILABLE NOW!

Join the Winning Team! CHAMPIONS' Creed has been a trajectory shifting tool for a number of Fortunes 500 companies, Championship Programs and is also being used as literature in many schools across the country. In 2022 our the Ignite Program impacted 17 organizations of which many experienced historic results. SIGN UP TODAY and be on the way to transforming your program tomorrow!

Audiobook + Ebook Available Now

The Undeniable Principles That Separate the Good from the Great in
Sports, Business and Life

Author, Marke Freeman
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 CHAMPIONS Creed: Undeniable Principles that Separate the Good from the Great in Business, Sports and Life. A book that provides the blueprint needed to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you aspire to be.

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- Autographed copy of CHAMPIONS' Creed

- POSTER of Creed



30% OFF! Get your CHAMPIONS' Creed Limited Edition Book Bundle today.  The perfect gift for the holidays!



- 20+ Copies of CHAMPIONS' Creed
- Preseason Team/Class Prime Connection led by Marke Freeman

As you enter this season, transform your organization, team and class by growing leaders that build and sustain a winning life and winning culture. SIGN UP TODAY!

"CHAMPIONS' Creed shifted the trajectory of my life. It has also equipped me to empower thousands of others. My prayer is that this book does the same for you."

-Author, Marke Z. Freeman

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Undeniable Principles that Separate the Good from the Great in Business, Sports and Life

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